Black lines do matter..

Be modest, would you say your e-commerce business is expanding? Is inventory reaching an all time high? Is organisation becoming your frenemy? You know where this is going.. It’s time to introduce our unobtrusive friend, barcoding! As black and white as they are, barcodes improve efficiency, boosts’ productivity and keep all your ducks in a row..

What is a barcode’s story:

  • Recognises an order
  • Accesses information such as products included in the package
  • Customer's name
  • Delivery address
  • Shipping method

A barcodes timeline begins from picking the product to dispatching it to the end customer. Barcodes are really ‘a fly on the wall’ in the entire warehouse management process. Need some more convincing?

Eliminates the ‘sloth like nature..’

Like the department of bureaucracy, everybody makes mistakes. Manually entered data significantly has a higher rate of errors than barcodes. A barcode scan is fast, accurate, reliable, and takes considerably less time than entering data by hand.

Cheap as chips

Barcodes are usually inexpensive to design and print. It will only cost you a pretty penny to print a barcode label, irrespective of their purpose or where they will be attached. They can be personalised economically in a variety of finishes and materials.

If you can train a monkey to do it, (it’s already grabbed my attention) you know it’s going to be easy to master. It requires no inventory learning, or pricing procedure, MOST importantly, it’s inexpensive.

Seeing is believing

Like most great parties in the business, there are various people from all walks of life. From Manufacturers, e-commerce platforms, online stores and fulfilment centres, each party has a different purpose of tracing and tracking the products.

Barcoding every item gives the ease to trace the inventory for all the parties involved in the business cycle. Something we all don’t mind sharing, do we…

A culture of impatience

We live in a world where control, convenience and lack of patience are at all time highs. Especially when waiting for a parcel to get delivered safely.

Having complete control over the ability to track the package, accurate information about the parcel's movement, including the time taken to pick, pack and deliver the package. That really does make all of us control freaks put at ease. ‘Thanking you’ barcode technology of fulfilment.

Flirting with channels..

Let's be real, there's no loyalty when it comes to customers and e-commerce sites, they love playing the field. Multiple sales channels such as Shopify,,, are where the customers are and that’s where we want to be.

Having pre-assigned barcodes for SKUs makes the product listing process smoother when listing on multiple platforms. If we haven’t said it already, barcode technology is essential for optimising the benefits of a warehouse management system. Still not convinced?

Pull my leg why don’t you? Fine, here are some more:

Storage location barcodes: used for locating bins, shelves, and pallets locations.

Barcodes on individual products: to store inventory more securely and optimally. Barcodes on SKUs ensure that the right products are being shipped to the right customers.

Shipping barcodes: Fulfillment centres scan the shipping barcode when receiving inventory and shipping packages – for wholesale and direct-to-consumers’ orders. Shipping barcodes also help in tracking stock out situations.

Taking on your company's operational concerns can feel that much easier with a top notch barcode system in place.

Are you not farfilled? Can we help make your e-commerce fulfilment services achievable for you?

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