For all obvious intents and purposes, everyone is jumping on this bandwagon. Without sounding too swollen headed, by the day at Farfill, we are inundated with the energies and ideas of new businesses.

We are new business enthusiasts, shock! We welcome and thrive on these energies, it’s our sustenance. Needless to say, it is a rarity to see the same level tended through execution of the greatest business plans, or perhaps, lack thereof..

Ebb and flow

we seek excellence, by constant trial and error’ - Master Jin Kwon

Let's start with some wisdom: do the basics and get on with it. For those of us who have done this dance many times, we have become accustomed to that familiar routine, where clients spend huge investment for little to no sales, lusting over the ‘perfect website’, developing la-de-da ads, when really the process focuses on trial and error.

If not one of the biggest industries today, clothing print on demand is the sum and substance of eCommerce. If your curiosity levels haven't heightened, then perhaps these basic requirements will:

  • A solid t-shirt design
  • Free time
  • Laptop

So easy, you wouldn’t even have to leave your ergonomic mattress to do it.

Now, let’s focus on  the favourable interdependence of words and imagery. T-shirts can make a declaration, drive conversation by expressing one’s individuality. Whether it’s edging towards a Jackson Pollock, or classic Rembrandt, like all expressionism, it’s subjective, and it’s all about 'the message'. In such a highly lucrative industry, one really does begin to feel the race in demand, and what better accompaniment than some good old fashioned scrimmage like ‘your design has nothing on mine’.

Starting an online t-shirt business is straightforward and fairly simple. Start things right, within two weeks, you could be selling your first t-shirts to customers to all corners of the globe.

Initiation design

Whats your angle? Simplistic monochrome, or psychedelic bubblegum funk?

Pump the creative breaks ever so slightly, as we all tend to trail down the over elaborative path at this point. Mindfulness alert. Keep it simple, always works out better and that way it doesn't have to cost the earth. Adopt the same approach to the website, making sure it is informative and clearly illustrates the brand.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, website design software has become so easy to build, especially for those ‘dinosaurs’ who are technically challenged. Scrap the coding and start building a free website on platforms like wix and weebly.

Materialistic ready?

  • Business plan
  • Brand Design
  • Website

Houston we are ready for lift off. Now all you need is the material and the method to the print.

Once business starts out, it’s expected to have a smaller number of orders, don’t be discouraged. Once things start to pick up, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of running. From the local printing shop to getting them printed, packing and shipping. Somebody reached 10,000 steps for the day. Needless to say, it consumes a lot of time and money will severely affect your margin. Don’t burn the candle at both ends as they say.

There’s an obvious segway approaching. 3PL partners are the exclusive solution to that problem. Let them take care of the packaging whilst you just look after the marketing and branding of your business. Cha-ching!

Something more compelling? 3PL partners integrate your website to their system for order processing, so that you don’t even have to bat an eyelid, or eye roll. Keep informed and stay ‘on trend’ in the marketing game for creative Tee ideas. Take notice of ‘operation upsurge’.