We kicked off a Podcast which is a small video series that explores e-commerce in the MENA region, aiming to help remove the stigma often discussed with international vendors operating here in the region.

Aamir Kassim has a wealth of knowledge in the GCC, whom previously was the COO at JadoPado before it was acquired in 2017 by noon. noon is a regional powerhouse at the forefront of e-commerce and a whole lot more. It is an online retail experience that is locking horns with the likes of Amazon in the Middle-East and leading the way is founder Mohamed Alabbar. Rohan, who is the VP of Growth at Farfill and was part of team at JadoPado & noon before coming on-board at Farfill, a direct to consumer e-commerce fulfilment center.

Both are tackling the issue’s head on and finding how advanced markets such as the EU & US adapted and streamlined basic e-commerce principles and how these can now be implemented in the Middle-East.

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