Quote: Marketplacea convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community” - Facebook

In Layman's terms, a platform largely used by everyday users that want to sell products that are no longer reacquired. Anything from; kitchenware, cars, motorbikes, mobile devices, clothing, furniture etc.

Let’s Craig David this and rewind

To all eCommerce enthusiasts, it would come as no surprise that this isn't Facebook’s first attempt at buying and selling through Marketplace. No indeed, Facebook’s initial attempt to lure consumers who wanted to trade online was in 2016.

When spouting eCommerce, Facebook flags as number one for an online presence for eCommerce stores in 2020. Facebook Page Shops, ha, what else would it be called? As the foster of Instagram, you can have your very own online branded store on both platforms. More important of interest, it’s entirely free.

Marketplace the 'forthright platform'

It really is that simple:

  • Sign into your account, go here
  • Tap on “Sell Something”
  • Add title, fun sized summary
  • Some visuals
  • Boom, it’s online

The nucleus that is Facebook Page Shops

A basic functionality, helping you to list the products you’re selling, bridging you with customers on Facebook. Just to reiterate, no selling is involved, merely just to showcase your products and talk to prospective customers. You can see why Facebook finally decided it was time to over embellish, and extend the capabilities to make social commerce finally functional.

Finally, your very own fully equipped online store, with Ad set up on both Facebook and Instagram, ah the social bromance! Moreover, an entirely new brand experience has evolved. Now, eCommerce companies can:

  • Feature designated products
  • Using a cover image to customise the view and ambiance of their shop.
  • Utilise accent colours top showcase brand identity

FB and Instagram have exhibited versions of their Shops, and from what we can see, they are almost carbon copies of each other:

Just enter the Shop tab from the standard Facebook Page or Instagram profile (also accessible via FB stories and ads). Once you have reached the Shop, you can:

  • Browse all of the published products
  • Save the ones you intend to buy
  • Place your orders

For all y’all checking out in the US, you’ll be able to complete the order without leaving the app. Preferential treatment or what..

Customer service using instant chat

Unsurprisingly, Facebook’s credibility as a communication tool is universally known. Specifically the app most of us have installed on our mobile devices, which we all use to communicate amongst one another, drum roll please, it's Messenger! The vocal line to any store. If you feeling little bit more reserved and prefer the intimate angle, you can DM or WhatsApp:

Attention people, before we start getting ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget that this is still in Beta mode, so not yet available in most countries. Nevertheless, we can expect to see more updates, adjustments, and improvements in the coming months, we all know this implementation shall proliferate popularity amongst all FB users.

Making the news, Facebook is introducing Instagram Shop, whereby you can buy and discover products, filter and browse collections from your favourite brands and purchase all in one place. Yessir!

A mammoth window of opportunity just presented itself for online sellers, not to mention a rendition of the entire experience. E-commerce companies' existence hangs in the balance on whether their high-quality imagery is satisfactory enough. If it’s not HD, forget it.

With integration, the sky is limit!

Facebook relates to modern day eCommerce industries, based upon:

  • Amalgamations of platforms
  • Sworn allegiance (loyalty) programs
  • Numerous channels
  • Virtual marketing tools.

Enabling users to orbit their points and rewards, allowing eCommerce companies to create, oversee and unearth loyalty programs on ze Shops. From where we’re standing, you’ve got a fully functional Facebook shop.

Full integration is supported with Facebook, as it already works in conjunction with big whales like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor. As one would imagine, the same rules apply to eCommerce platforms in order for full integration to play its role.

One’s mind tends to ponder what the future holds, how much better can it get, what comes next? Perchance, a matured trading marketplace, springing B2B and B2C for commerce on social media? The sky really is the limit..

Keen as a bean to start selling on Facebook shops? Want to find out whether your country is available for set features? Find out here. Once you’ve found the capabilities to sell, Facebook provides a detailed instruction on how to actually set it up here. Now your store is ready to get dressed for the party. Time to start focusing on:

  • Creation collection: a place to present groups of products. One section can hold up to 30 items.
  • Customisation: adjust the colours to your brand feel and add a cover photo.
  • Publishing & selling: once verified by Facebook, you are all set and ready to start making some moulaa!

The process literally couldn’t be more straightforward if you asked. Being the superior social media platform of internet users, designated numero uno for eCommerce platforms, Facebook is/continues to revolutionise our world.  Now it’s time for you.

The newness today of Facebook Shop will be a distant memory come tomorrow. An expectation so ordinary by us highly demanding consumers. Once your country has the obtainability, it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and assemble your shop.